Friendly Crossways House Rules

  • This is a 150 year old wooden structure. NO SMOKING anywhere inside the facility. This rule is STRICTLY ENFORCED. Butt buckets are provided outside.
  • The use of candles (except for religious services; talk with the managers first, please), incense, mosquito coils or any other fire or heat producing item is strictly forbidden anywhere in the facility.
  • Please do not eat anywhere other than the kitchen, dining room or outside although water may be taken into the conference room from the cooler in the dining hall.
  • Please do not store food in your rooms. It attracts critters. You may label and store your food in the kitchen in the white refrigerator or on the shelves.
  • We have a Sustainable Living Center and we encourage you to cooperate in conserving resources. You can do this by: Taking short showers! Shutting off the faucet when washing dishes or brushing teeth unless the water is actually being used. Turning off bedroom lights when the rooms are not being used. Using our recycling and composting containers.

  • The hostel kitchen closes at 10 pm. Please be finished eating, cleaning and putting away dishes by then. The kitchen opens at 7 am. (The kitchen closure does NOT refer to groups and wedding parties who have exclusive use of the place as you are welcome to set your own schedules for meals, quiet times, etc.)
  • Lights out and quiet time in the common areas and dorm by 11 pm. (This does NOT refer to groups and wedding parties who have exclusive use of the place–you establish your own quiet times.)
  • The front wooden terrace acts like a noise funnel, so the hostel owners would appreciate it if you would not make noise on the terrace or cement walkway before 8 am or after 11 pm, especially on weekends.
  • Please return the bedroom you are staying in to its original condition, including “making” the bed neatly with the quilt after you have removed the sheets (NOT the mattress pad) and emptying your waste paper basket into the kitchen trash receptacle.